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Will divorce will help or hurt your credit score?

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2024 | DIVORCE - Divorce |

Divorce can have many financial implications. For example, the spouses may have to divide properties. They might need to reconfigure their living expenses and how they do taxes.

Another concern is the possible effect of a divorce on a person’s credit score.

Connection between divorce and credit scores

The financial ties of a divorced couple may not automatically dissolve. Joint accounts, such as credit cards and loans, could still impact both parties’ credit scores. Even if a divorce decree gives responsibility for certain debts to one spouse, creditors may still hold both parties accountable.

The potential for negative impact

If one spouse fails to make payments on joint accounts as required, it could result in negative marks on both parties’ credit reports. This could lead to lower credit scores. The possible outcomes include a harder time getting loans, favorable interest rates and rental housing.

The potential for positive impact

The average credit score in Florida is 708, which is generally a good score. During a divorce, many people close joint credit cards or loans and open individual accounts. This approach helps prevent an ex-spouse’s financial behavior from affecting the other’s credit score.

Divorce can reduce financial stress, particularly if the marriage had a lot of financial disagreements or mismanagement. More independence can mean timely payments and responsible debt management. These can have a positive impact on a credit score over time.

Divorce may also serve as a catalyst for a fresh financial start. By reassessing financial priorities, creating a budget and implementing sound financial practices, you can work toward a more secure future.

While divorce poses challenges, it is possible to emerge with financial stability intact. By understanding the potential impact on credit scores and taking proactive measures to protect them, you can navigate divorce with more confidence.