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Resolving Complex Commercial Disputes And Commercial Litigation

In the everyday course of doing business, conflict is inevitable. Having reliable and attentive counsel with the knowledge, resources and capability needed to handle complex commercial litigation matters can be counted as an invaluable asset to your business. Our founder, attorney Luis Navarro, was previously a business owner himself who owned a cloud computing company that was valued on Wall Street and sold. Navarro Attorneys at Law, located in Miami, helps business clients, including Fortune 500 companies, throughout Florida and the country with complicated commercial disputes, corporate mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations.

Built On A Commercial Practice Foundation

With decades of experience working in the world of corporate structures and business entities, attorney Navarro helps corporate clients and business entities with even the most complicated business transactional needs. From the business planning phase to corporate takeovers and restructures, his experience is invaluable to our business and entrepreneurial clients. When those corporate and business entities find themselves in conflict, his established track record of success in complex commercial litigation challenges becomes an unrivaled resource for any disagreement.

Advising Clients On All Concerns Relating To Restructure

When a corporate entity is forced into reorganization as a result of bankruptcy, attorney Navarro has the experience necessary to advise our firm’s clients on the best path and legal strategies to move forward. When a restructuring happens in your personal life or relationship in a divorce scenario, attorney Navarro has evolved his legal practice to offer advice and assistance to clients dealing with complicated business issues in their high-asset divorce and navigating property distribution and evaluation conflicts that arise when one party to the divorce is a business owner.

Connecting Commercial Enterprises Around The World

Our U.S. immigration laws honor the experience and expertise that foreign nationals bring to the U.S. economy. As an adviser to corporations large and small, our firm naturally evolved into helping to secure work visas for foreign nationals and their U.S. corporate sponsors. If your company needs assistance securing the proper employment visas for your prospective foreign national employees, we offer counsel and can advise you in prospective expatriate scenarios.

Offering Complimentary Consultation Appointments

At our firm, we know that no matter what legal situation you are facing, you are sure to have a lot of questions. We offer a free, initial consultation appointment in which we can address any questions that you have and tell you more about how we can help you with your case. You may schedule your appointment by emailing us through our website or by calling 305-701-5366. We look forward to talking to you about your case.