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When Conflicts Require The Family Law Courts And A Divorce Lawyer

If you need to utilize the family law courts for a legal matter, chances are it is for something stressful like a divorce, child support or child custody issue. These conflicts are heightened by the naturally strong human emotions that accompany any sort of family-related dispute. Our firm, Navarro Attorneys at Law, was built from a foundation of deliberate legal strategies designed to favorably and successfully resolve challenging litigation cases. If you need a Miami divorce lawyer for a paternity or child custody matter, we can help.

The Dissolution of A Marriage And The Business Of Divorce

As couples begin the process of divorce and start working to untangle their lives from one another, the level of complication will range from case to case as no case will ever have the same set of facts. When your divorce involves high-asset property that needs to be distributed or one of the spouses is a business owner, the division of assets can easily get complicated. Our attorney, Luis Navarro, built his legal practice on a base of business litigation. With our firm’s business litigation experience, he is uniquely qualified to handle a divorce that requires the valuation of a business and its assets and advocate on your behalf for a fair distribution of marital assets. With his experience in immigration law and helping expat clients establish themselves in a foreign country, he can also provide valuable insight for clients facing an international divorce.

Florida Paternity Actions And Advocating For Parental Rights

When a child is born out of wedlock, a father will only have legal rights as a father after he establishes paternity. In the state of Florida, if everyone agrees, this can be achieved with a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity form that can be signed at the hospital when the baby is born. If paternity was not established voluntarily, the mother or father can file a paternity action in court and the court can order genetic testing to prove the identity of the child’s father. Establishing paternity will also establish legal paternity rights for the father, like custody and visitation. Once paternity is established, there are also rights for the child, such as potential child support, eligibility for medical benefits and possible future inheritance rights.

Litigating Child Custody And Support Matters

Attorney Navarro became a good litigator because he is also a good negotiator. In most divorce cases, mediation is a required first step to resolve and agree on as many issues as possible in advance of litigation. One issue that can be contentious in a divorce is child custody. No matter what path your divorce will take as you work toward a resolution, he will advocate on your behalf every step of the way, utilizing his seasoned negotiation and litigation skills.

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