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A Transactional Business Law Attorney Who Is Also A Tough Litigator

When it comes to business law, a good transactional attorney will anticipate potential problems and plan ahead for possible conflicts. An attorney like our founder, Luis Navarro, who has an established reputation as a seasoned litigator in the Florida legal community, will be uniquely qualified to anticipate and thoroughly prepare transactional legal matters. If you need a business law attorney in Miami to review or prepare documents for a legal transaction, our legal team at Navarro Attorneys at Law can help.

Strategic Legal Planning

No matter how simple or complex your transaction may be, our legal team will listen to your story, work to understand your legal goals and develop an appropriate strategy to serve and protect your best interests. Whether your legal problem is related to personal or business concerns, we understand there could be significant and long-lasting effects. Having an attorney on your side will not only give you peace of mind, it also is the best way to protect your best interests. Attorney Luis Navarro has 20 years of experience as a commercial litigator. Prior to his legal profession, he was the owner of a Fortune 500 company that he sold.

Types Of Transactional Assistance

Whether your situation is personal or relates to your business, there are a number of transactional situations that would benefit from having an attorney’s review and advice. Financial challenges of all sorts, real estate transactions and business transactions, like a loan restructure, can all have nuances that a trained attorney will be able to notice, caution against and plan around. If renegotiating the terms of your transaction becomes an issue, our attorney is a seasoned litigator with decades of experience negotiating deals and settlements on behalf of his clients.

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