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Financial steps when preparing to file for divorce in Florida

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2023 | DIVORCE - Divorce |

If you are contemplating divorce in Florida, it is important to approach the process with careful consideration.

For example, financial matters and the complexities of separating assets and liabilities require strategic planning and a clear understanding of the state’s divorce laws. Florida follows the principle of equitable distribution. This approach aims to achieve a fair and just division.

1. Assess your financial situation

Begin by conducting a comprehensive assessment of your current financial situation. This involves compiling a detailed inventory of assets, such as real estate, bank accounts, investments and personal property. Additionally, document all debts, including mortgages, loans and credit card balances.

2. Establish separate finances

As you prepare for divorce, consider establishing separate bank accounts and credit cards. This will help in maintaining clear financial boundaries and avoiding potential conflicts over shared funds. Track all income, expenses and financial transactions.

3. Create a budget

Develop a realistic budget that reflects your post-divorce financial reality. The median household income in Miami is $54,858, and yours could drop after a divorce.

Factor in living expenses, child support and potential spousal support payments. This budget will serve as a guide for financial decisions and ensuring financial stability during and after the divorce process.

4. Update beneficiary designations

Review and update beneficiary designations on life insurance policies, retirement accounts and other financial instruments. Divorce can have significant implications on these designations, and ensuring they align with your current wishes is necessary.

5. Protect your credit

Monitor your credit report regularly and take steps to protect your credit score. Closing joint accounts and establishing individual credit lines can help prevent negative impacts on your credit history.

By proactively addressing these financial considerations, individuals can better navigate the divorce process in Florida and lay the groundwork for a more stable financial future.