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How good does my English have to be for the test?

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2023 | IMMIGRATION & NATURALIZATION - Immigration |

Part of the test to become a citizen of the United States involves proving your English skills. The test requires showing that you can speak English, but it also covers a few other things.

You must pass the English portion of the test to become a citizen.

The English test details

The English portion of your citizenship test requires you to show that you can read, write and speak the language. It is not a high-level test, so you only need to have basic language skills. In general, if you can go about a day interacting with English-speaking people and not have an issue, then you can pass this test.

Tips for test taking

Since this is a high-stakes test and you may be quite nervous, you will get some leniency. Your English does not have to be perfect. The examiner will allow some grammar mistakes and pronunciation issues. In written portions, spelling and construction mistakes are usually fine.

When taking the test, you have the ability to ask the examiner to repeat questions or rephrase them if you do not understand. All of the questions asked are about the materials you have access to concerning naturalization. You can study for the test and should do so.

To pass, you simply need to show that you have a basic understanding of English. The examiner is not looking for perfection, so if you make a mistake, keep moving forward.

The focus of the English test is to determine if you have an understanding of the language. You have to prove that you can communicate effectively and that you understand written English.